In Greece: Let the Odyssey Begin

Adventure abounds in the land that conceived our Olympics
Pillars of Adventure: Life beyond the Parthenon  (Digital Stock)

The Olympics return to their roots this summer, and rightly so. And if Athens' labor to get the city ready for the world's best athletes is any indication, the Summer 2004 games will be one to remember. Still, Greece’s smattering of sun-drenched islands carry with them a legacy of sophic philosophers, dramatic tragedians, bellicose competitors, and countless rigors that make some of today’s sports seem more like Parcheesi than real competition. The Luckily, for those of us gods and goddesses that didn’t make it into Olympian shape this year, the country affords enough places to tempt your own immortal powers. The options for a modern Odyssey abound: Cycling from Turkey to Greece to get those calves in Herculean shape, tromping in the Peloponnese near Aphrodite’s watery emergence, windsurfing and sailing through the Aegean on the breath of Poseidon, and enjoying the evenings with Dionysus’ favorite grape concoction. Have a gander, take a peak, and find your own gold-medal adventure from the list below.

Continental Drift
Island hopping in Greece and Turkey—on two wheels

In Olympic Footsteps: An International Tour
History meets athletic legend in cities throughout the globe, from Athens to Nagano

Published: 5 Aug 2004 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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