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The best adventure trip that GORPTravel offers right now is…
That's an impossible question to answer because there are just too many, they both say. Fair enough. What are some highlights? "We have an amazing hike and ski adventure in northern Norway, where you ski from mountaintops all the way down to the fjords," says Linda. Or how about a horseback trek into Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, where endless summer days unfold underneath the big sky? Sounds tempting, right? You can even skip town for a whole month and journey through Central America, soaking in its diverse cultures, breathtaking sights, and colorful people. The list goes on and on—the tough decision is which trip to do first. Narrow your options down by considering how much time you have and, of course, how much money you can afford to spend.

That trip costs how much?
Speaking of spending money. "The most expensive trip I've ever heard of was a luxury safari in Africa for over $20,000 per person," says Kate. "The safari was a custom trip and featured the best of everything. It included all flights from door to destination and everything along the way. Five-star lodges, the best camps and guides, transportation, and gourmet food. The safari was tailored to a group of four people who wanted to focus on wildlife. What an absolutely amazing adventure." So was it worth it? "If I had the time—14 days—I would say go for it," she says. And it might help if you have 20 grand to spare.

Bad Travel Etiquette 101: Inappropriate Companions
"One time this guy wanted to know if his five-foot-long pet snake could accompany him on his adventure trip to India," says Kate. "The answer was a big NO! When I called the outfitter to ask if the client could bring a pet, they actually thought I was kidding. They felt that the other guests would not enjoy seeing India with a snake in their group."

What's the one trip an adventure traveler simply MUST take in their lifetime?
Well, that depends whose lifetime it is. "If you find yourself always thinking about a particular destination or activity, looking at photos of the area or reading up on it, then you owe it to yourself to check it out," says Kate. "For me, my definitive trip was a four-month trip with my husband and our backpacks traveling around Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, and Greece."

"I don't think that people should take a trip just because it's on a top ten list or because it's claimed to be 'the trip to take,'" says Linda. "It's more important for people to find the destinations and experiences that matter to them, and make their own list."

About GORPTravel
GORPTravel works with some of the most well-known and established adventure companies in the business, as well as with some new and innovative companies that specialize in specific regions or activities. All GORPTravel outfitters have at least a three-year business history, can provide industry references, and ensure the absolute best in safety, quality, and value. lists thousands of adventure trips ranging from a weekend sea-kayaking trip in the Pacific Northwest to a two-month journey throughout Thailand and the surrounding islands. Its comprehensive search function can help narrow down your choices of destination, activity, when you want to travel, as well as how much you want to spend.

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