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Picture of the iBert Child Seat
The WeeRide in action  (Nathan Borchelt)

The WeeRide Kangaroo Carrier
In Concept: Unlike the iBert, which mounts directly to the steering-wheel post, the WeeRide comes with a steel frame that goes over the bike's center bar, attaching to the seat post and handlebar tube. The seat then screws onto this frame, which lets the chair go on and off the bike without removing the main mounting harness. The child's feet then slip into the adjustable-length foot beds, and a three-point harness (boasting both shoulder and waist straps) anchors the child into place.

In Practice: Not surprising given the steel frame design, the WeeRide is heavier than the iBert. Yet despite the hardware, the single bolt that attaches the seat to the post keeps things a bit looser than anticipated, especially when you factor in a child's movement in the seat. Setup can also be tricky—one of our testers had to visit a hardware store to find the right bolt for their bike's over-sized seat post. But once in place, the seat itself swaps on and off quite easily, and the seat's position on the crossbar keeps the center of gravity the same as if you were cycling without an infant. Longer-legged cyclists, however, might have to cycle a bit bow-legged, and have some difficulty in pedaling while standing (as in conquering a steep hill). The padded seat, upright position, and higher back of the WeeRide offers a more comfortable position for the child; the harness is a bit more robust than the iBert, and the padded platform in front of the infant lets them hold onto something—or rest their heads on longer rides.

Good For: Longer rides, people with shorter legs or an ambivalence toward slight shifts in cycling style

For children up to 40 pounds.

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