What to do in Emerald Lake State Park

The 430-acre park is located along the side of Dorset Mountain on Emerald Lake which is an angler's haven. The lake supports yellow perch, northern pike, smallmouth bass, bullhead and panfish. Wonderful day hikes to panoramic overlooks are offered as well as camping, picnicking, swimming, a playground and more.

The 430-acre park is located along the side of Dorset Mountain with Emerald Lake, the head waters of Otter Creek, at its base. The area was historically important for its marble quarrying activities with the park lands once operating as a large farm and summer retreat before becoming a state park in 1960.

Today the park's visitors total over fifty thousand each season, providing opportunities for camping, swimming, picnicking, boating, fishing and hiking.

Emerald Lake State Park has a rich history, some of which may be observed throughout the park. The modern amenities include flush toilets, hot showers ($) and dump station. There is a small beach with snack bar and boat rental facilities. A hillside picnic area, as well as lakeside picnic tables are available. An open picnic shelter pavilion can be reserved for large group gatherings. Trails throughout the park and nearby provide great hiking opportunities. Swimming, fishing, and electric-powered motorboating are popular in the lake. Cross-country skiing permitted in winter by walking around entrance gate; all facilities closed including restrooms.

Nearby attractions include shopping in Manchester, visiting the historic Hildene and the Equinox Hotel, Manchester; Bennington Museum and Monument, Bennington; Wilson Castle and the Vermont Marble Exhibit in Proctor.

The park is located in North Dorset along Interstate 7.

Winter daytime temperatures average above 18 degrees Fahrenheit (above -8 Celsius). Summer daytime temperatures average above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (above 21 Celsius). Much of the state's precipitation is the result of snow, particularly throughout the mountains. The Places in History Travel Region has an average precipitation of more than 44 inches (more than 112 centimeters). However, along the eastern boundary of this region, precipitation drops between 36 and 40 inches (91 to 102 centimeters).

65 Emerald Lake Lane
East Dorset,, VT 05253

Phone: 802-362-1655

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