What to do in Eisenhower State Park

*This information provided by The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks*

In 1990, Eisenhower State Park, formerly Melvern State Park, was renamed by the Kansas Legislature to honor Dwight D. Eisenhower our homegrown 34th U.S. President. Getting to the Park is easy; we are located 30 minutes Northeast of Emporia on I-35 or 35 miles South on Highway 75 from Topeka. See Directions.

The Park is located on the north shore of the 6,900-acre Melvern Reservoir, a man-made flood control project for the Marais de Cygnes River basin. With 1,345 acres of prairie, 440 acres of woodland, and many areas for recreational activities, Eisenhower State Park is the perfect place for family gatherings or for a hunting or fishing trip.

The Park has complete facilities, including 192 utility campsites, group camping, and modern shower houses and bathrooms. Many campsites are available for both RV utility hookup and primitive camping. In addition to those sites, Mamie?s Cabin, an ADA accessible rental, offers Park visitors another camping option. Ike?s Shelter house, a wonderful indoor-outdoor facility, is available for rent as well. To reserve any of these facilities or campsites, call or e-mail Eisenhower State Park at least seven days prior to the date you plan to be at the Park. Contact

Whether you are staying at the Park for a week or just a day there are plenty of recreational activities to keep everyone busy. Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, swimming, picnicking, boating, fishing, and hunting are popular pursuits. The Park has outdoor games and kayaks available and Park naturalists are on staff in the summer months to provide outdoor interactive programs as well. Stop by the Park office for more information.

Eisenhower is home to a burgeoning trails system open to hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. Camping with horses is available in Cowboy Camp and the North Loop of Westpoint Campground. Crooked Knee Horse Trail offers equestrians a 20-mile excursion through the undeveloped west side of the park, which also offers excellent shotgun and archery hunting.

The 10,008-acre Melvern Wildlife Area adjacent to the park is home to a variety of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, eastern wild turkey, bobwhite quail, squirrels, furbearers, and waterfowl making it a great place to observe or partake in hunting (by permission only). Hunting is allowed except on the 1,000-acre waterfowl refuge, which is open to wildlife viewing except from October 1 to January 15.

FROM EMPORIAI-35 North to Exit 155, Lyndon/BurlingtonExit (approx. 25 miles)North on HWY 75 to HWY 278 (approx. 3 miles)West on HWY 278 (approx. 3 miles)Drive time 35 minutes

FROM TOPEKAHWY 75 South to HWY 278 (approx. 27 miles)West on HWY 278 (approx. 3 miles)Drive time 30 minutes

FROM KANSAS CITYI-35 South to Exit 155, Lyndon/BurlingtonExit (approx. 55 miles)North on HWY 75 to HWY 278 (approx. 7 miles)West on HWY 278 (approx. 3 miles)Drive time 1 hour

FROM WICHITAI-335 (Turnpike) North to Emporia (approx. 85 miles)I-35 North to Exit 155, Lyndon/BurlingtonExit (approx. 25 miles)North on HWY 75 to HWY 278 (approx. 7 miles)West on HWY 278 (approx. 3 miles)Drive time 2 hours

Kansas has an annual mean temperature almost as high as that of Virginia, more sunshine than that of any state to the east, and generous summer rains.The State lies across the path of alternate masses of warm moist air moving north from the Gulf of Mexico and currents of cold, comparatively dry, air moving from the polar regions. Consequently, its weather is subject to frequent and often sharp changes, usually of short duration.Summers are inclined to be warm—often the word "hot" describes them best—but are healthful, with low relative humidity during periods of high temperatures, and usually a good wind movement. Heat prostrations are almost unknown. Summer nights are usually cool, especially in the western counties.Winters are drier, with more sunshine than those of eastern states. The average snowfall is less than that of other states, except those located farther south. Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and the New England States normally have from two to three times as much snowfall as Kansas.

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