What to do in Double Trouble State Park

Information provided by New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry

The park provides the protection and interpretation of over 8000 acres of significant natural, cultural, and recreational resources representative of the Pinelands National Reserve.

Its location and resource base afford an opportunity to introduce visitors to southern New Jersey's natural and cultural heritage. Both the natural environment, consisting of a high quality Pinelands watershed, and an extremely well preserved historic village associated with New Jersey cranberry agriculture and Atlantic White Cedar logging and milling industries are available to visitors at Double Trouble State Park.

Double Trouble Historic Village

Originally a cranberry farm and packing plant, the former company town called Double Trouble is a window into past and current industries in the Pinelands. The Double Trouble Company was formed to sell timber, millwork products and cranberries. A succession of sawmills has been on site since the mid-1700s. The village consists of cranberry bogs and fourteen original historic structures dating from the late 19th century through the early 20th century including a general store, a schoolhouse and cottages. The sawmill was restored in 1995, and the cranberry sorting and packing house were completed in 1996.

Cedar Creek - The park features over 8,000 acres of Pine Barrens habitats. From its headwaters in Greenwood Forest Management Area to its mouth at Barnegat Bay, Cedar Creek provides the water required for cranberry culture and supplies a pure source of water for wildlife. The creek is an excellent stream for canoeing and kayaking. Adjacent bogs and uplands provide examples of plants characteristic to the Pine Barrens.

The Double Trouble State Park Nature Trail is a 1.5-mile, self-guided, loop trail in which both natural and historical items are delineated and interpreted in the Trail Guide. Trail Guides are available at the trailhead in the historic village.

Lacey and Berkeley Townships

Garden State Parkway South: Take exit 77, turn left off exit ramp, travel south on Double Trouble Road to traffic signal. Park entrance is straight ahead across Pinewald Keswick Road.

Garden State Parkway North: Take exit 77, turn left. Travel 1/4 mile Park entrance is on the left.

The temperatures in New Jersey vary slightly, with the southern area being the warmest. Winter weather can start by October and is in full force by November, temperatures average 20 to 40 degrees. Spring can begin in mid March and brings temperatures of 50 degrees F, by April temperatures can reach 65 degrees F. Summer weather can extend from late May to mid September, and temperatures often reach 95 degrees during this season with nighttime lows near 65 degrees. Fall weather has temperatures between 65 and 45 degrees F. Precipitation levels in New Jersey are highest from March through August.

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