Castle at Disney World (Nathan Evans)

Disney World (Jimmy DeFlippo/Walt Disney World)

(Walt Disney World Resort)


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Traveler Reviews of Disney World

BrothelLover69 rates Disney World
Disney world is for weenie hut juniors, spongebob land would be better.
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German rates Disney World
I think Disney World is an excellent place. I really feel the magic of this place. I hope I can travel with my children on the future I think it is one of the best experiences a child can have. And they change lots of things each tome. Just Wonderful!!
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Alistair rates Disney World
Caveat: I visited Walt Disney World for a conference, so I really need to go back to experience it properly with my kids, no doubt a whole other experience. The Good: enjoyed boating on Bay Lake (in front of Contemporary Resort) and seeing all the amazing birdlife; the rides at Hollywood Studios are pretty awesome. The Bad: I found the Disney experience to be a bit heavy-handed and was ready to escape after a few days! If I go back, I'd choose to stay on the Disney campus again as it was all very convenient and leisurely with the shuttles, monorail, etc.
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