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Top Answers To Toronto Travel Questions

  • Anonymous user answered:
    No there are not.
  • Anonymous user answered:
    Try one of the city's Hippo Tours. More info including rates at:
  • Anonymous user answered:
    Matt Link,'s LGBT travel guru (, recommends you stay near the Church Wellesley Village area, since the Pride parade route goes right down Church Street. For a larger group like yours, he recommends one of the LGBT-popular mainstream properties in the area. For example, check out the Ramada Hotel and Suites (, which offers good facilities, including an indoor swimming pool and sauna. It's located in a high-rise building on a busy street near the Garden District and the Village. The Selby Hotel ( is an 82-room Clarion property on the outskirts of the Village and a popular choice of accommodation for LGBT travelers to the city. Also near the Village is the Best Western Primrose Hotel (