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Top Answers To Philadelphia Travel Questions

  • Pieter answered:
    Pat's versus Geno's is the longest running rivalry among Philly Cheesesteaks. To get one elsewhere would likely insult the natives. I'm a Pat's guy, but try both. They're located across the street from each other on East Passyunk Avenue.
  • Anonymous user answered:
    Anywhere within 10 blocks of City Hall will put you within 15-20 minutes leisurely walking distance of 90% of the "A list" sites in the city. Center City is just about as flat as your dining room table so you aren't going to kill yourself, no matter where you decide to go. I have been visiting Philadelphia for 50 years and still have not tired of it or completed seeing it. It never, ever disappoints.
  • sunartmoon answered:
    Just a short distance (5 min. drive) from center city Philadelphia is a “forgotten” Penn Treaty Park. In the fall you might be able to see a River City Festival in the Park. It’s located in a vibrant neighborhood called Fishtown. To learn more and see lots of great photographs of not only Philadelphia but also Fishtown take a look at:
  • Anonymous user answered:
    Trenton, New Jersey is only 10 miles away and has plenty of activities and attractions including the Kids Bridge Children's Museum or you can drive 10 miles to Bristol, Pennsylvania and check out Fun Town, an small amusement park with kid-friendly rides.