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    Here is a list of Houston attractions:
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    Since 9/11 there really arent the typical "go-up-to-the-top" places to go to. there are beautiful places to go and walk thru, like the wall of water at williams tower, and stroll thru the museam district where there are many peices of art all around. Being houston, it is very hot and humid in the summer,Which to many is a daunting and a reason never to go. but, if you think about it, we are one of the largest cities, and for good reason. EVERYTHING IS AIR-CONDITIONED.what isnt air conditioned, there is usually several places have water falls, and fountains. some of the market streets around town have places where your children to run thru. there is an aquarium downtown that has a huge ferris wheel. it is slow moving and has enclosed seating, which might be your best option of viewing the city and scapes around town. i hope it helps, you can always contact the chamber of commerce, or the convention and visitors burea here in houston.