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    Our ten favorite dude ranches that offer a week of all-inclusive horseback riding (and other fun outdoors activities), gourmet dining, and a genuine Western experience for the whole crew. Away Top Ten
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    Amazing family-friendly scenic drives in Alaska, Hawaii, and Wyoming. Away Travel
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    Basecamps - Yellowstone-Teton. Gorp Travel
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  • Anonymous user answered:
    Not sure how long you've got in total, but this article from Outside magazine, published in 2002, might still hold some useful nuggets for your trip: Plenty to do in between, yup. But if this sounds like too much driving, my gut says stick to the Yellowstone/Grand Tetons beat as there is SO much to do around there, especially if you have kids who are into hiking, camping, rafting, and wildlife!
  • Anonymous user asked:
    Nanna answered:
    Horseshoe Bend Motel, Western Motel, and Econo Inn. you can look them up on goggle and see what you think is best. i hope i helped.