Best Time to Visit Tulum


When Not to Visit

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Tulum’s high season begins in mid-December, peaking over the holidays, and stretches until April. Travelers love this time of year because it is dry and temperatures hover around 80 degrees. However, they pay for these dry, sunny months, as hotel and tour rates increase dramatically, and the area becomes quite busy.

Vacationers who prefer slightly lower prices and fewer visitors can travel to Tulum in early December or May, during the shoulder season. The weather is still fairly predictable, with warm, sunny days and little rain. You may even have some of the beaches all to yourself.

May through December is considered the low season in Tulum. The rainy season lasts from May to September and then hurricane season takes over until November. Just because it’s called the rainy season doesn’t mean it will rain all day, every day. Often travelers during these months will have hot, sunny days with brief showers in the afternoon. Temperatures can reach 110 degrees in summer, and water temperatures rise as well, which some swimmers prefer. Mexican and European tourists tend to visit in June and July. Prices fall in September and October, during hurricane season.