Best Time to Visit Taos


When Not to Visit

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The high-desert plateau of Taos offers plenty of sunshine year-round. Taos has two high seasons, one in the summer from May through September and another during the Christmas holidays in December, when crowds come to see the lights and farolitos (small paper lanterns) on Taos Plaza.

Summer heats things up, but at 6,967 feet, the nights are still cool. There are plenty of events during the warmer months, from spring arts festivals to food and music celebrations, including the Solar Music Festival in June. While at the festival, visit the nearby Earthship Community for a glimpse of an off-the-grid lifestyle. There are even nightly rentals.

The shoulder seasons, in October and November and early spring, are typically the most affordable times to visit. Aside from the occasional festival, such as the Taos Mountain Film Festival or San Geronimo Feast Days, the town becomes more of a relaxing hideaway and less of a family fiesta with the kids. Indian summer is the perfect time for a scenic drive to see chile ristras draped from the eaves of adobes or to catch a whiff of roasting chiles at a local farmers’ market.

Winter snows can be heavy or light, and this is what determines the amount of traffic Taos receives during the low-season months of January through March. Taos Ski Valley is a big draw during this time, especially if it’s been a good snow year. Room rates could be lower in a season with less snowfall than normal.