Best Time to Visit St. Louis


When Not to Visit

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Most people come to St. Louis when the kids are out of school, in the summer months of June to September, when the weather is warm and there’s lots going on in the city. Fair Saint Louis, over the Fourth of July holiday, is St. Louis’s biggest party (as long as you’re not counting the city’s April-to-October obsession with its beloved Cardinals baseball team). Keep in mind that rates are higher during tourist season, and it’s wise to book hotel rooms, tickets, and top restaurants well in advance. Humidity and heat are definitely a factor here, so those vacationing in St. Louis with kids or grandparents in tow may want to seek out air-conditioned venues.

Spring and autumn present the best combination of pleasant weather and activity. Temperatures in the shoulder seasons average into the high-70s during the day. September brings the Great Forest Park Balloon Race and the Saint Louis Art Fair. Since it sits smack-dab in the Midwest, Missouri’s winters can be very cold and treacherous. Bring thick jackets and winter hats to take advantage of the cheaper hotel rates and less-crowded attractions