Best Time to Visit San Juan


When Not to Visit

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Fairly consistent year-round tropical conditions make San Juan an attractive beach getaway pretty much any time. Temperatures average around 80 degrees, but they do fluctuate slightly with the seasons. Winter months can see more wind and cooler water, while summers can bring breezeless days and flat-calm seas. The wettest time of the year in San Juan happens in late summer, about the same time as hurricane season.
Like the rest of the Caribbean, the peak season for U.S. visitors is winter, roughly from Christmas to spring break. The low season from May to November sees fewer people and better prices, and scuba divers and snorkelers will appreciate the calm, clear, and warm waters of the Caribbean summer.
In addition to all the usual American holidays—New Year’s, Christmas, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc.—San Juan celebrates Caribbean and Latin events as well. Go to San Juan around the end of June for the city’s patron saint festival, Fiesta de San Juan Bautista, for a week of parades, pageants, and fireworks.