Best Time to Visit Saint Tropez


When Not to Visit

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Saint Tropez is one of the main tourism anchors along the French Riviera, on the Mediterranean Sea, which means it has a classic Mediterranean climate—hot, dry summers and fairly mild winters. Frost is rare, even in the dead of winter. Even in January, average temperatures range between 39 and 55 degrees. The temperature of the sea hovers around 56 degrees.

Things start warming up in May, when average temperatures swing between 56 and 69 degrees, but they don’t really heat up until July and August. The average temperature range for these summer months is 65 to 80 degrees. The Mediterranean is also at its warmest during this time; in August, the water’s average temperature is a balmy 73 degrees.

But beware: Saint Tropez is overrun with tourists from across Europe during August, when many French and Italian businesses close up shop for a few weeks and locals go on holiday to the coasts. If you visit during this time, book accommodations far in advance and expect to pay high-season rates.

October and November are the wettest months, with an average rainfall of about four inches.