Best Time to Visit Rio de Janeiro


When Not to Visit

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Located in the southern hemisphere, Rio’s seasons are opposite those of North America. Brazilians typically vacation during summer months (December through March), when temperatures soar to 100 degrees.

The high season in Rio is during Carnival (held annually 46 days before Easter), when the streets fill with music, dancing, and non-stop partying. Carnival in Rio lasts for a week and is unlike any other celebration in the world.

For pleasant weather with minimal rainfall, May and June are also attractive months to visit the city, with temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s. Beaches will be less crowded and the water colder, but the city will still be very much alive.

Rio’s winter months (June through August) are the city’s coldest, but that’s not saying much. Rio natives, known as Cariocas, might consider it jacket weather but it’s usually in the comfortable 70-degree range.