Best Time to Visit Monaco


When Not to Visit

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Bordered by the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco offers warm, breezy weather year-round. The summer months are a bit warmer and drier than the other months; the peak season runs June to August. Crowds and prices are at their highest, too.

The shoulder seasons—March through May and September through November—can offer some relief for the budget traveler, as high-season prices—as well as outdoor temperatures—start to fall. When planning your trip, keep on your radar the Monaco Grand Prix, a prestigious Formula One car race that the city hosts every year for three days in May. In some social circles, the race is the premier event of the year, and celebrities and other well-heeled jetsetters swoop into Monaco for the race and its accompanying parties and galas. The event is a cool spectacle to experience, but it also causes hotel prices in Monaco to skyrocket—and rates are pricey to begin with. Unless you have a yacht or private jet to stay in, you may want to schedule your visit around the Grand Prix. Another event worth experiencing is the spectacular fireworks competition that Monaco sponsors each summer. The event features pyrotechnics choreographed to music over four evenings in July and August.

The winter months are chillier and wetter, with temperatures in the mid-40s. Some restaurants and hotels shutter up, but the ones that remain open will offer unbeatable bargains for a Monaco getaway. If you can swing it, come during the Christmas season for an incomparable French holiday, as the entire coastline lights up as families gather for their annual traditional dinners.