Best Time to Visit the Maldives


When Not to Visit

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Set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about 250 miles off the southwest coast of India, the Maldive Islands stretch across 36,000 square miles of water. From north to south, the string of atolls covers about 500 miles. Even though it's a scattered, disconnected country, all the islands share the same, tropical climate.

The Maldives have two seasons: monsoon and dry. The rainy monsoon period lasts from about May to November, while the dry season stretches from December to March. Year-round, the temperatures are fairly consistent, in the high to mid-80s.

The drier, more pleasant time of year is also high tourism season, with most hotels and resorts fully booked from about December to April. The December and January holiday period is especially crowded, and many accommodations raise their prices during this period and book up far in advance.

There's no particularly bad time to visit the Maldives, though the air feels most humid, and storms are a lot more likely, from May to November.