Best Time to Visit Macau


When Not to Visit

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Macau has no distinct tourist seasons, other than weekdays (quiet) and weekends (busy), with hotel rates to match accordingly. Besides the weekends, when mainlanders traverse the Pearl River en masse, the most crowded times to visit are the Golden Weeks—Chinese New Year (January or February) and National Day (October)—as well as the western new year.

The tropical climate of these islands means hot and humid summers and winter temperatures that never dip below 50 degrees. Fall (October through December) is the most comfortable season, with sunny days and humidity levels at a relative low.

Macau hosts a number of world-class festivals worth a visit, including the A-Ma Festival (May), the Macau Arts Festival (May),the Dragon Boat Festival (June), the Macau International Fireworks Display Festival (September/October), and the Macau Grand Prix (November).