Best Time to Visit the Lake District


When Not to Visit

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The Lake District takes its name from the dozens of lakes dotting its landscape, but the region's beauty relies just as much on the green, low-lying mountains between. The district, about 35 miles wide, sits in northwest England, about 315 miles northwest of London.

Temperatures are generally pretty chilly throughout the year. In January, the mean temperature is 37 degrees, and even in the hottest month of the year, July, the mean temperature rises to just 59 degrees.

If you think old London is rainy, prepare to get soaked. Thanks to its northern location and mountainous terrain, the Lake District is the wettest in all of England. The small area gets drenched with more than 80 inches of rain per year. October to January is the dampest period, while the least precipitation falls between March and June.

Throughout most of the year, fog is common. Between November and April, you can expect snow, with light drizzle or rain throughout the rest of the year.