Best Time to Visit Ixtapa


When Not to Visit

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The San Diego of Mexico, Ixtapa is known for having consistently comfortable weather, with 300 sunny days per year and temperatures averaging 75 to 82 degrees. High season lasts from November to March, during which time the climate becomes very dry and temperatures moderate. This is also the time of year when hotels book up and prices rise. Fresh sea breezes cool Ixtapa down during this season, making it a better destination for vacationers who prefer less intense sun.

It’s hard to complain about any season here. Even the rainy season, from mid-May to October, offers mostly sunny days and comfortable temperatures, although it can be a bit muggy during the summer. Ixtapa is protected from tropical storms by the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range, so it usually doesn’t get hit as hard, if at all, by nearby hurricanes. Travelers visiting during the rainy season can expect brief rain showers in the afternoons or early evenings—not a bad time to take a nap or relax between activities. Before and after the rain, the sun shines brightly on green hills blooming with wildflowers. In fact, this might even be the best time to visit: The area is less crowded and it’s peak season for the local flora, creating an even more beautiful backdrop for photos.

November and April are transitional months, between the high and low season, when visitors can find great deals before or after the rush of tourists passes through. Ixtapa doesn’t get much rain during these months and the weather, as usual, is quite comfortable.