Best Time to Visit Ho Chi Minh City


When Not To Visit

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It might rain a lot in Ho Chi Minh, but just like ducks, the water seems to roll right off the Vietnamese’s backs. The rest of us may opt to visit during what they call the “dry season” between December and April. Despite it typically being the most comfortable time to visit, you’ll likely still have use for an umbrella.

There’s good news for sun worshipers, though: The city sits in a tropical climate zone, which means hot temperatures are consistent all year round. But choosing which time of the year to visit is more difficult than this city having to settle on just one name.

The rainy season hits around May and lasts until November. And even though there can be heavy and long rains during that period, the days are bright, sunny, and humid. And just when you think the end is near, typhoon season (August to November) can bring rainfall for days on end.
With the arrival of spring comes the biggest party in Vietnam. January or February is when the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, or Tet, happens. It’s a fun time to visit, as Ho Chi Minh’s streets are an explosion of color and activity. The Tet party lasts a full week for most, though some Vietnamese keep it rolling for several more. Make sure to check the calendar, as the dates of the Lunar New Year change each year.