Best Time to Visit Glasgow


When Not to Visit

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Because Glasgow fluctuates between an average of 65 degrees in the summer and 43 degrees in the winter, you basically always need the following four things to weather Glasgow: umbrella, winter coat, light jacket, and sunglasses.

The sun shines brightest between May and October, with temperatures averaging 65 degrees. But threatening rainclouds are on the horizon as often as encouraging sunshine. So expect the worst and be rewarded with the best. High season falls during this time, from June through September, and it peaks again from mid-December through the first week of January for the holiday season.

Off season in Glasgow is November through Easter (the aforementioned holiday periods not withstanding), and travelers will be rewarded with reduced airfare and hotel rates—and fewer tourists. Besides savings, winter also offers an opportunity to stroll Glasgow’s attractions and streets with the locals. Spring showers create vibrant green countryside and slightly warmer temps.

Glaswegians love to celebrate, as evidenced by the abundance of festivals throughout the year. Summertime pops with musical celebrations, including the Glasgow International Piping Festival, a week-long August bagpipe event culminating with the World Pipe Band Championships. The fall is a celebration of people, starting with the annual LBGT community arts festival in October and moving into November’s Inspiration Festival, a celebration of the arts for children and young people. Shopping becomes its own fête as tourists arrive for the holidays. Then Glasgow comes alive with its traditional Scottish New Year merriment.