Best Time to Visit Curacao


When Not to Visit

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Like many Caribbean islands, Curacao’s high season occurs during the winter months (December to February), when travelers living in the northern hemisphere head south for refuge against snow and bitter temperatures. The rest of the year, hotel rates and airfare dip to more accessible levels—typically 20 percent-off during the low season (May, June, and mid-August through November).

No matter the season, Curacao’s temperatures hover near the mid-80s. Cooling trade winds (which intensify during the spring) temper the ever-present sun, and an occasional rain shower hits at night during the wet season (from October through February). However, Curacao’s climate is primarily dry. Precipitation adds up to only 22 inches per year, and tropical storms are rare since the island sits just under the hurricane belt.

The biggest fete on the island is Carnival, a whole season of festivities and fanfare, starting right after New Year’s and lasting up until Mardi Gras, with the biggest parades taking place in mid- to late-February. Hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, and diving are solid year-round. In February, kite season kicks off with workshops and competitions. September’s North Sea Jazz Festival draws chart-toppers such as Sting and Stevie Wonder, and runs concurrently with a plein air arts festival.