Best Time to Visit Cozumel


When Not to Visit

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Often classed as subtropical and very similar to Cancun climate-wise, Cozumel typically sees sunny conditions and resultant heat. Summer (low season) ranges from the mid-80s to 90s, and winter (high season) cools to the mid-70s. Hurricane season is August through November.

Naturally, prices are steeper during high season. For a less pricey time, hit the summer season from May until mid-August. Some days are scorchers, but cooling onshore winds help tone it down a bit.

From April through July, the sea surrounding Cozumel warms up dramatically. These crystal waters boast exceptional visibility levels of up to 200 feet. And when they heat up, they ambush scuba divers with confetti-colored fish and marine life. During peak diving season from June through August, the water is an inviting 75 to 80 degrees.

If you plan your travels around cultural events and festivals, Cozumel's most significant event, the Sacred Mayan Journey in May, re-creates the pilgrimage crossing the Cozumel Channel to worship the fertility goddess Ixchel. Twenty-five traditional Mayan canoes depart the Xcaret adventure theme park in Cancun and cross the channel to Cozumel before returning to Playa del Carmen.

Other celebrations include Carnival the week prior to Ash Wednesday, the Kite Boarding & Windsurfing Tournament in March, and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in November. Also in November, the Ironman brings uber-athletes from around the globe to compete in the triathlon.