Best Time to Visit Bonaire


When Not to Visit

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Bonaire’s pleasant tropical climate makes it an ideal vacation destination all year. Even the rainy season (November to January) brings only brief bursts of showers, which will rarely wash out your getaway. Situated just under the hurricane belt, Bonaire’s chances of being hit by tropical storms are slim, and the lack of rainfall means consistently clear water conditions—excellent news for divers.

Bonaire has two seasons: high and low. The most popular period is from mid-October to mid-April, when wintering tourists seek sun and sand, and cruise ships pull in almost daily. It’s also at this time that the island hosts Carnival (February), the International Sailing Regatta (October), and Dia di Rincon (April)—a Dutch holiday and celebration of all things Bonaire—as well as a number of other lively events.

The rest of the year (mid-April to mid-October) is low season, a refreshingly tranquil time to visit the island—and to cash in on hotel and diving bargains. Businesses remain open throughout, so you don’t have to worry about a short supply of places to eat or stay.

Another note: Because of the constantly blowing east trade winds, the west side is typically the best for divers. In September and October, however, the winds calm and the hard-core delve into the otherwise underexplored east side.