Best Time to Visit Aruba


When Not to Visit

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Vacationers who have visited Aruba regularly for years will tell you that there is never a bad time to visit the island—and they’re right. That’s because Aruba, located outside of the Caribbean hurricane belt, is not vulnerable to the seasonal storms that frequently wreak havoc on its northerly neighbors. Welcoming trade winds leave the island breezy and low in humidity.
For visitors traveling from the United States, the three ideal months to visit the island are January, February, and March, when rainfall is limited and the warm temperatures are a nice contrast to the freezing temperatures you’ll find back home. To be sure, the resorts may be more crowded and airfare slightly higher during the winter months, but the tan you’ll bring home will be well worth it.

The summer months—June through August—are the hottest in Aruba, so if you’re traveling then, be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, as the island’s proximity to the equator ensures that the sun is strong.

Locals advise avoiding travel in September, when seasonal changes lead to decreased wind on the island. Expect more humidity and more bugs, which generally stay away from Aruba because of the trade winds.