Best Time to Visit Antigua


When Not to Visit

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Predictably, high season (December through April) is the most crowded time of year in Antigua, with at least one sailing regatta or competition offered every weekend. But the Jolly Harbour Yacht Club attracts even more seafaring romantics than usual during its annual Valentine’s Day Regatta, for those who want to combine rigging and romance.

Spring and autumn shoulder seasons feature more yachting and boating competitions and festivals. Fall brings a gospel festival, a literary festival, and a rousing celebration of Antigua’s Independence Day (November 1), all within the course of a few weeks.

Off-season in Antigua doesn’t mean fewer crowds. On the contrary, there are just as many activities held during the summer as during the high season—and they cater to a more eclectic sensibility. You can take in a badminton tournament, a food fair, and a “Calypso Spektakula” all in the month of June. Antiguans turn the concept of a typically pre-Lenten Carnival on its head by throwing theirs in late July, and for a full ten days, no less.