Best Time to Visit Agra


When Not to Visit
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The Taj Mahal was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and hence should be visited whenever you have the chance. But there’s no question that the winter months (October through February) are the most hospitable time to head for Agra. Considering the crowds, both Indian and foreign, who want to check the Taj off their bucket list, the cooler the weather, the easier it is to handle the crush and pollution visitors inevitably encounter. The winter school holidays make December the single most crowded time to be in Agra. During this time, plan well in advance and prepare to part with a few more rupees, as cheap hotels will be booked and any accommodation with space will jack up its price.

Many believe that the best way to appreciate the Taj Mahal is to catch it at various times of day, in various types of light, starting with sunrise. So get up early, and watch as the dawn’s early light shines down on the teardrop-shaped dome that Indian poet Tagore said “glistened spotlessly bright on the cheek of time.”  As the sun climbs (daytime temps start to get unbearable in May) find a shady retreat and make plans to come back in the evening.

You can visit Agra during the summer, and pray that the pre-monsoon catches you, though the seasonal rainstorms limit mobility. Many hotels offer special packages during these months and most high-end operations have pools, but keep your fan and water bottle handy.