Gay Vacations in Mexico

Mexico Highlights

  • Cancun has some of the best hotels and best-priced vacations packages in the country—just be aware that Cancun can also feel more straight and modern than other parts of Mexico.
  • History buffs and fans of ruins should stick to the south. Mexico City, the Yucatan and the states of Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Chiapas are home to impressive temples from the Maya, Aztec, and other native civilizations.
  • Hurricane season for the Yucatan is June through October, while the rarer hurricane appears on the Pacific coastline from late August to October. Low-season prices are available across Mexico from May to December, due to the hot and rainy summer/fall weather patterns.
  • Mexican men don’t often embrace the gay label—even though they may be in long-term gay relationships. If a man insists he's straight, it’s best not to argue.
  • Go beyond the borders. Mexican border towns and resorts dominated by foreigners may be fun, but to experience the richness that is Mexico, travel into the center and south of the country.

From the mystical Mayan ruins on the Yucatan to the perfectly preserved colonial cities in the central region to the surf and sand on the Pacific coasts, Mexico is a gay traveler's smorgasbord. Dominated by a vast desert in the north, a high volcano-dotted plateau in the center, and thick rainforests in the south, there's no end to what kinds of experiences await you here. Travelers quickly feel Mexico's history, with stunning pre-Colombian temples and ruins, rich colonial architecture, and towns that seem unchanged for hundreds of years.

And surprisingly, Mexico has rather liberal views towards homosexuality. To be sure, it's still more closeted than other parts of the world, with many locals keeping a heterosexual macho front even when in gay relationships, and a lesbian scene that is very underground. But gay beaches, gay bars, gay hotels and even gay marriage (in Mexico City) can be found.

Some LGBT infrastructure exists in nearly every Mexican city, but some spots are especially friendly for gay travel. Puerto Vallarta is spilling over with both local and gringo gays on its beaches, and it's home to numerous gay hotels and bars. Acapulco is a gay getaway for mainly Mexican vacationers. San Miguel de Allende is an artsy colonial town north of Mexico City that is friendly to LGBT travelers. Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city, has a large and open gay scene, and Mexico City’s Zona Rosa district is a must-see on any gay travel agenda.

Published: 17 Jul 2008 | Last Updated: 7 Aug 2012
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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