What to do in Deboullie Public Reserved Land

Deboullie is accessed via private roads off Route 161 in St. Francis. The Maine woodland is a dense spruce and pine forest type. Dotted with lakes and streams, trout fishing, viewing large game and paddleboating is a true wilderness experience.

Deboullie is a superb example of the Maine woods. Low rugged mountains and scenic remote trout ponds are available for visitors using the 22,000 acre unit's hiking trails and campsites. Snowmobilers frequently pass through the unit on their way from Eagle Lake to Allagash.

Located in the Aroostook County Region, this public land offers superb wildlife viewing opportunities. Scenery in this northern Maine woods is spectacular. The remote location is available for camping, hiking and trout fishing. Several canoe launches are provided at Deboullie Pond, Black Pond, Pushineer Pond and Denny Pond. Many maintained forest campsites may be found at water's edge. The Deboullie Mountain Trail is located in the area offering fabulous views of north woods and picturesque lakes. The trail begins alongside Pushineer Pond traveling west along the northern shore of Deboullie Pond past rock slides ascending 800 feet to Deboule Mountain. The trail is 2.5 miles one-way. An alternative route is to canoe to the base trail then hike to the summit.

The State of Maine is a member of North Maine Woods, an organization that manages recreation on nearly three million acres in northern Maine. Day use and camping fees collected at various checkpoints defray the costs of managing public access and maintaining recreation facilities. This unit is within the North Maine Woods system, so visitors must pass through a checkpoint and pay the required day use and camping fees. North Maine Woods can be contacted at 207-435-6213.

Hunting and trapping are allowed, subject to state rules and regulations. Call 207-287-3821 for specific policies and laws regarding these activities.

Access is gained by private gravel roads leaving Route 161 in St. Francis. A gated entrance marks the beginning of the Public Reserve Land.

Aroostook County Region is Maine's coldest region. Winter outdoor enthusiasts will find daytime temperatures in the northern area averaging below 10 degrees Fahrenheit (below -12 Celsius). In the southern area they will find winter temperatures averaging 10 - 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 to -10 Celsius). Summer brings cool, bright days with temperatures in the northern area averaging below 65 degrees Fahrenheit (below 18 Celsius) and in the southern area, averaging around 66 (19 Celsius). The region varies with the amount of precipitation it receives. The coastal areas tend to have greater precipitation while the inland areas receive the highest annual snowfall. Aroostook County Region expects less than 38 inches (less than 97 centimeters) of precipitation each year.

45 Radar Road
Ashland, ME 04732

Phone: 207-435-7963

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