Beach of Croatia Zagreb (iStockphoto)

Church on Green Gill Above Croatian Capital Zagreb (iStockphoto)

Marketplace in Zagreb (iStockphoto)

Zagreb in the Twilight (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Zagreb

Croatia’s magnificent coast garners much of the attention. But just three hours away is the country’s capital of Zagreb, a low-key locale where a convenient coastline, a vibrant culture, and stunning surroundings spoil the happily forgotten-about locals. Poised on the southern slant of the Medvednica Mountains, Zagreb is a simple mix between old-world European charm, where seats in the outdoor cafés are summer’s hottest ticket, and modern indulgences like fast food, pub crawls, and shopping malls. The pace of life here will keep you on your toes. In the summer, if locals aren’t on the coast boating, they’re putting foot to trail in one of the numerous city parks. The winter brings skiing and more hiking, plus watching the Snow Queen Trophy, a slalom race held as part of the Alpine Skiing World Cup.

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