Church in San Jose, Costa Rica (Corel)

Sumpflandschaft Costa Rica San Jose (iStockphoto)

Costa Rica San Jose (iStockphoto)

Costa Rica San Jose (iStockphoto)

Costa Rica San Jose (iStockphoto)

Volcano Poas San Jose (iStockphoto)


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What to do in San Jose

Most people stay in San Jose on their first and last nights in Costa Rica, and though it can be gritty, it has some interesting things to see. This capital city is built in a valley hemmed in on both sides by towering mountain and volcanic ranges: A mere 20-minute drive from the airport and you’re breathing crisp air a mile above sea level. In town, streets are congested and signage is poor, so hire a cab to see the sites. Check out the leather goods and other Costa Rican souvenirs at Mercado Central, or visit the Gold Museum, an underground venue that features more than 2,000 gold objects from pre-Columbian times. Stop for a meal at Restaurant Grano de Oro, inside a century-old Victorian estate that is now a boutique hotel. Grab a seat amid the greenery and listen to the soothing sounds of water cascading down Italianate fountains.

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jchandler rates San Jose
traveled there for business. heavy traffic congestion, and poor street signage for sure. Beautiful place however.
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