What to do in Corson's Inlet State Park

Information provided by New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry

The area's natural habitats are rich in the diversity of its wildlife with primary and secondary sand dune systems, shoreline overwash, marine estuaries and upland areas in which hundreds of wildlife species live and breed. The park offers outstanding scenic beauty and endless opportunities for observing a multitude of migratory and residential wildlife species. Corson's Inlet is extremely popular for hiking, fishing, crabbing, boating and sunbathing.

Strathmere Natural Area (98 acres)

An area of undeveloped beachfront and undisturbed sand dunes that serves as a protected nesting site for the endangered Piping Plover, the Least Tern and Black skimmers. Other shorebirds and waterfowl, such as the American Oystercatcher, various species of sandpipers, gulls, herons, sanderlings and ducks can also be observed at certain times of the year. Pets are not permitted in the area during the nesting season


Corson's Inlet provides an excellent opportunity for any type of boating, ranging from canoes to large motor boats, sailboats, sailboards and jet skis. Boating is subject to New Jersey Boating Regulations and Marine Law.

The boat ramp is open 24 hours day, seven days a week year round. There is ramp access for people with disabilities.

Fishing-Saltwater fishing is subject to New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife and State Park Service regulations. Information regarding saltwater fishing regulations can be found in the Fish and Wildlife Digest, which is available at local tackle dealers. Corson's Inlet provides excellent opportunities to catch blue fish, kingfish, striped bass and weakfish.

Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle permits to operate 4-wheel drive vehicles on the fishing beaches at Corson's Inlet are available at the Belleplain State Forest office.

Cape May County

The park is bisected by scenic Ocean Drive (Cape May County Route 619), connecting Ocean City and Strathmere-Sea Isle City. Ocean City is linked to the Garden State Parkway via southbound and northbound exit 25 (Roosevelt Boulevard-34th Street). Sea Isle City is accessible via the parkway southbound exit 17 or Route 9 northbound to JFK Boulevard. Follow signs to the park.

The temperatures in New Jersey vary slightly, with the southern area being the warmest. Winter weather can start by October and is in full force by November, temperatures average 20 to 40 degrees. Spring can begin in mid March and brings temperatures of 50 degrees F, by April temperatures can reach 65 degrees F. Summer weather can extend from late May to mid September, and temperatures often reach 95 degrees during this season with nighttime lows near 65 degrees. Fall weather has temperatures between 65 and 45 degrees F. Precipitation levels in New Jersey are highest from March through August.

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