Aerial view of city and mountains in Boulder, Colorado (Boulder CVB)

Running at Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, Colorado (Purestock/Getty)

Boulder, Colorado at twilight (Wikipedia/Phil Armitage)

Moon over the Flatirons Boulder (iStockphoto)

Rock climbing outside of Boulder, Coloroado (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Boulder

Take heed of the “Keep Boulder Weird” bumper stickers. This free-spirited city at the base of the Rocky Mountains, home to the University of Colorado–Boulder, is always vibrant. From the pedestrian-only Pearl Street Mall, visitors can people-watch from sidewalk cafés and be entertained by a host of street performers and festivals. Expect organic cuisine and locally made microbrews at the city’s 250 restaurants, including the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery, and formal Greenbriar Inn, a Boulder County landmark. Life outside of downtown is equally lush. With 300 miles of scenic trails and several prize streams within minutes of town, hiking, biking, fly-fishing, and kayaking are never far. Just don’t be surprised if you see hikers in tie-dye chatting up others in high-priced outerwear. Boulder is weird like that. 

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Traveler Reviews of Boulder

Dij rates Boulder
Going to an "energy class" last May and the main road traffic slowed and went around a family of ducks with 6 ducklings going down the road. Have to admire that rush-hour traffic takes those few minutes to let nature take it's course.
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Kate rates Boulder
Who doesn't want to look at the beautiful Flatirons from almost every angle in Boulder? What is so cool about Boulder is that you can call some friends to climb the third Flatiron, then after a few hours just drop back into town to enjoy some craft brews at the Mountain Sun. Adventure is in your backyard at all times. Seriously though, Boulder is an outdoor mecca with a huge concentration of professional triathletes and cyclists that are training at altitude to get a little more of a competitive edge. So if you're just the occasional runner or cycler you may really feel like you're sucking wind when these athletes go whizzing by!! The hill section of town is very concentrated with students but there are also some cool shops and music venues. Walking around Pearl Street is a must and if you're into bagels definitely stop by Moe's.
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Lacy rates Boulder
Boulder is one of the most interesting cities I have visited. It's honestly like entering another world, even in already-earthy Colorado. Everyone wears fleece and snow boots, and everyone is oddly friendly. Bikes are everywhere, even in the winter it seems. But there is one thing that Boulder rules supreme in: the outdoors. There are mountains and rivers right in the backyard. You can be fly fishing in 30 minutes, skiing in less than an hour. The great thing is, there is always something to get back home to. Check out Pearl Street, the main drag of town. It's quaint and cute, but it's also practical. There are numerous restaurants and boutique stores to get you some local gear.
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