Skyline of Denver, Colorado (Corbis)

Sunset over Denver, Colorado skyline (Visions of America/Joe Sohm/Getty)

INVESCO Field in Denver, Colorado (Stan Obert/Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau)

Denver, Colorado pink skyline (Ron Ruhoff.Denver Metro CVB)

Denver, Colorado skyline (Steve Crecelius/Denver Metro CVB)

Sunset over Denver, Colorado (Bob Ashe/Denver Metro CVB)

Deer Valley Park Denver (iStockphoto)


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Lacy rates Denver
I am in love with Denver. If you like a relaxed, laid-back vibe in a city, and appreciate the outdoors, this is the place for you. The city is clean, calm, and peaceful. Crime is low and locals are friendly. There are so many different sports teams to obsess over here: Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche, Rapids, etc. The mountains are just a few hours away. Mary Jane and Winterpark are less than two hours away if you hot good traffic. Public transportation is lacking a bit in Denver, but the good news is that the cost of living are low enough that a home right downtown is very obtainable. It's a great place to visit, as there are lots of museums, tons of bars and nightclubs, and some world-famous restaurants. Denver is worthy of a road trip!
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Henry rates Denver
I love Denver; how can you not? This high desert city is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. I'm probably giving away a secret -- Denver doesn't get as much snow as most people think. The mountains generally get most of the snow and by the time the weather gets to the city, the mountains have squeezed most of the snow out. Don't get me wrong, Denver does get snow, but because of the arid climate, it generally melts in a couple of days and the city knows how to maintain the streets. Spring, Summer and Fall are also great times to visit. Skiing, hiking, white and water rafting are great pastimes during the appropriate seasons. Don't forget the city is a pro sports town with the Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Mammoth, and the Colorado Rapids.
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