Gay Vacations in Denver, Colorado

Taste of Denver Festival in Denver, Colorado
Taste of Denver Festival in Denver, Colorado (Brian Gadbery/courtesy, Colorado Tourism)

Denver Highlights

  • Take steps to let your body acclimate to Denver's high elevation. Try to limit intense activities during your first day, and consume less alcohol than normal. Drink plenty of water to protect against dehydration. And remember that the sun's rays are more intense here, so use that sunscreen!
  • With the Rockies directly to the west of the city, locals will give directions assuming you know which way is north, south, and east. Just remember that the mountains lie to the west, and you'll stay on course.
  • Respect the environment. Denver residents take great pride in the natural beauty that surrounds their city, and they don't tolerate visitors who disrespect Mother Nature. In parks and wilderness areas, never litter and be sure to heed any posted warnings about bear and fire safety.

Perched between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, Denver's greatest asset is the natural beauty surrounding the city. Not surprisingly, leisure time in the Mile High City often revolves around outdoor activities. The mild, arid climate keeps the region comfortable in each season, allowing nature lovers to get their fix year-round. With just a short drive, you can find yourself camping in majestic Rocky Mountain National Park, biking the challenging Apex or Enchanted Forest Trails, or hiking in scenic Lair O' the Bear Park. The less inhibited will want to visit one of the natural hot springs baths in the area, many of which are clothing-optional. Music enthusiasts should experience Red Rocks, a geologically formed, open-air amphitheater that offers perfect acoustics.

One of the Unites States' fastest-growing cities over the last decade, Denver offers an oasis of relative tolerance in an otherwise conservative state. More and more, the city recognizes the importance of actively pursuing the gay dollar, and queer-owned and -operated businesses can be found throughout the city. But much of the city's gosh-darn friendly gay community is centered in Capital Hill, southeast of the central business district. Here you will find most of Denver's gay bars, along with a number of coffee houses and gay shops. Another hot spot for nightlife is Lower Downtown, or LoDo, which is home to many of the city's trendiest clubs and bars.

A good time for gay travel to Denver is late June, when the city hosts what has been rated one of the best pride celebrations in the country—chock full of cowboys, Native Americans, and even rodeo clowns! Skiers and snowboarders should check out Aspen Gay Ski Week, held each year in mid-January.

Published: 17 Jul 2008 | Last Updated: 17 Aug 2012
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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