Night view of downtown Hong Kong (PhotoDisc)

Skyline and harbor in Hong Kong, China (PhotoDisc)

Ladies Market in Mong Kok, Hong Kong (Hong Kong Tourism Board)

Skyline and harbor in Hong Kong, China (Digital Stock)

Balcony overlook of skyline and Victoria's Peak, Hong Kong (Hong Kong Tourism Board)

Colorful skyline and harbor in Hong Kong, China (PhotoDisc)

Neon lights in downtown Hong Kong, China (Corbis)

Sunset over the harbor, Hong Kong, China (Digital Stock)

Tourists viewing Business District at night, Hong Kong, China (Martin Harvey/Digital Vision/Getty)


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Traveler Reviews of Hong Kong

Pete rates Hong Kong
My favorite city in the world. It's an amazing combination of East meets West. I like the idea of exotic locations, but as I get older, I definitely appreciate the creature comforts of the west. Hong Kong provides both. It's a long trip from the States, but there's quite a few direct flights and if you can get past the flight, it's definitely worth the trip.
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Alistair rates Hong Kong
My on-the-ground knowledge of Hong Kong is a little dated, but the city's hustle and bustle and dramatic setting is still very much unchanged. I loved riding the Peak Tram to get to the top of Victoria Peak and the amazing, amazing view of all those skyscrapers. There's a trail that circles the mountain that offers more great views of Central as well as the islands on the backside of Hong Kong island. Stanley Market is fun for a browse, though it's really quite touristy. Head over to Kowloon side on the Star Ferry and just wander the hectic streets filled with dim-sum joints, electronics stores, and even high-end brand name outlets. If you can, plan a trip out to Lamma, where you can find a few quiet-ish beaches as well as fishing villages serving yummy seafood.
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