Skyline of Shanghai, China (Karen Chen)

Ancient town of Qibao, Shanghai, China (iStockphoto)

Shanghai, China skyline (iStockphoto)

Shanghai, China skyline (Hemera)

Nanpu Bridge, Shanghai, China (iStockphoto)

Shanghai, China skyline (iStockphoto)

Shanghai, China (Top Photo Group)

The Bund on the Huangpu River, Shanghai, China (Photodisc)

Rainbow light highway at cityscape night in Shanghai (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Shanghai

Shanghai is China’s largest and most prosperous city. Of Shanghai’s more than 23 million residents, thousands are billionaires and over a hundred-thousand are multimillionaires. It’s no wonder Shanghai’s luxury-tourism industry is growing as rapidly as its population. Space-age towers make up a glass-and-steel skyline that’s home to top hotels. High-end shopping giants Hermès, Louis Vitton, and Chanel all have boutiques in Plaza 66—Shanghai’s version of Fifth Avenue. And the wealth is spreading. While Dior was doubling the size of its Plaza 66 flagship store, Coach skipped the Plaza all together and built a mammoth two-story flagship store at the junction of Huaihaizhong and Songshan roads. Visit this international city, and you’ll see that the Shanghainese are no strangers to the sweeter (and more expensive) side of life.

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