Summer Palace in Beijing, China (Jeremy Woodhouse/Digital Vision/Getty)

Jinshang Park and Drum Tower, Beijing, China (Hemera)

Central Business District in beijing (iStockphoto)

Great Wall of China Beijing (iStockphoto)

Great Wall terracotta soldiers, near Beijing, China (James Gritz/Photodisc)


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What to do in Beijing

Beijing, the longstanding capital of China, is home to many historical relics from China’s “5,000 years of recorded history,” as the national slogan goes. The neighborhood of the “Forbidden City,” built as palace grounds starting with the Ming Dynasty in the 1400s, houses an incredible collection of art and artifacts in its palace museum. Venture farther out from the city to see the Great Wall of China, parts of which date back as far as 220 B.C. But in this ancient capital, there is plenty that is modern, like the geometric CCTV Headquarters or the skyscrapers on Beijing Financial Street. The Bauhaus warehouses of 798 Art Zone—originally part of a 1950s Communist factory complex—serve as residences for some of the city’s most notable modern artists, creating art they hope will last for another 5,000 years.

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