What to do in Chilkat State Park

The center also has wildlife spotting scopes so you can spot the inlet wildlife, such as seals, porpoises, and whales. Visitors have even been able to spy on bears and mountain goats on the other side of the inlet.

There are three trails in the park. Seduction Pint Trail is an easy hike that follows the coast, winding back and forth between the woods and the beach. This trail is six miles long one way, and offers great scenery sights and wildlife viewing opportunities. Battery Point Trail is another easy trail along the beach. For those ready for a challenge, there is the Mount Riley Trail. This trail has quite a bit of vertical rise to it, but the reward is a sensational view of the entire area.

This park offers a log cabin visitor center, 32-site campground, picnic area, boat launch and trails. The boat launch provides access to the inlet and the run of king salmon in early June. The visitor centers offers incredible views of Chilkat Inlet and Rainbow and Davidson glaciers.

Chilkat State Park is seven miles south of Haines on Mud Bay Road.

The climate in Alaska varies with terrain and region. The south-central region of the state is most temperate because it is protected from cold northern winds by the Alaska Range. The large bodies of water that lies closely to this area create a stabilizing factor for the air temperature. Southeast Alaska is wet. An average of 80 inches of rain comes to this region directly from the Gulf of Alaska.

In contrast to the southeastern region, the interior receives very little precipitation. The winters are long in this region with spring, summer and fall taking place from May through September. The western coast of Alaska experiences long, cold winters and short, chilly summers. This area is very far north and at the mercy of huge water bodies that don't warm. Southwestern Alaska experiences foggy, wet summers with high temperatures reaching 60 degrees F. Winters are severe on this long peninsula of land with storms rising from the surrounding waters frequently. The average rainfall for the region is 75 inches/year.

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