What to do in Castlewood Canyon State Park

Located in the famous Black Forest in central Colorado, Castlewood Canyon State Park offers visitors hiking, rock climbing and unique sightseeing opportunities in an arid and beautiful setting. The ruins of the century-old Castlewood Canyon Dam form the centerpiece of the park and lead visitors to hiking trails that wind their way into the deepest regions of the canyon. Attractions in the park include the dramatic canyon walls and the unique ruins. The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Castlewood State Park offers opportunities for sightseeing, picnicking, hiking, nature study and technical rock climbing. Castlewood Canyon is also popular for bird watching and photography. Hike the scenic loop trails that roam both the bottom of the canyon and the rim. Rock climbers of all skill levels will enjoy climbing the walls. For pure relaxation, just bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the views.

Volunteers are needed for trail work, noxious weed cleanup and other projects that help maintain the park's natural beauty. For more information on these ongoing programs, contact Castlewood Canyon State Park.

Highway 83 is now open north of the East Entrance. To reach Castlewood Canyon State Park, take I-25 to Exit 182 at Castle Rock, turn east on Highway 86, go six miles to Franktown, turn south on Highway 83 (S. Parker Rd.) and go five miles south to the park entrance

Climate conditions in Colorado should be taken seriously throughout the state. Snow and ice are common on roads and trails from mid-October through late April. In the summer months, snow is still possible but less common. Varying conditions throughout a given day can be expected throughout the year. Remember that summer days can typically have beautiful sunny mornings and short sudden thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Please prepare appropriately for your outdoor experience.

P.O. Box 504
2989 S. State Highway 83
Franktown, CO 80116

Phone: 303-688-5242

Email: castlewood.canyon@state.co.us
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