Quebec City, Canada (GeoStock/PhotoDisc)

Panorama view of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (J.F. Bergeron/Enviro Foto/Quebec City Tourism)

Panorama view of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (J.F. Bergeron/Enviro Foto/Quebec City Tourism)

Skyline and boats on St. Lawrence River, Quebec City, Canada (Corbis)

Quebec City, Canada (iStockphoto)


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Nicola rates Quebec City
One of the most wonderful cities in the world! Beautiful, cosmopolitan, safe, elegant, friendly. The old city ranks as one of the most charming places I've ever been. The guided tours of the city that we had - one on history in the morning, one tasting trek in the afternoon - were a highlight of our trip.
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Megan rates Quebec City
Traveling to Quebec City might make you feel like some how you ended up in a small town in France. The city is very charm to just walk around in and take it all in. As far as sites to see there isn't that many as much as just going into shops and resturants. It is definately worth a visit.
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Alistair rates Quebec City
I was only in Quebec City for less than a day before heading up the St. Lawrence to Charlevoix, but its charms grow on you almost immediately. Think little old French-Canadian ladies walking around in fur coats, hipster twenty-somethings dressed to the nines, and patisseries and cafes that beg you stop and smell the coffee (Paillard on Rue St-Jean is one of the best). The narrow, cobblestone streets wind down from the iconic Chateau Frontenac to the historic Basse-Ville, where you'll find art galleries and a street filled with souvenir shops and ice-cream parlors. I felt like I managed to get a pretty good taste of the city in a few short hours, so would consider this a great place for a weekend escape rather than full-fledged vacation (that said, the province of Quebec is packed with highlights, including some banner national parks).
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Pieter rates Quebec City
As long as you don't mind cold weather, this is a very, very cool place to visit. There are a lot of new, hip, trendy restaurants, but the best part is the history. They have cobblestone streets that are narrow and wind throughout the city. The oldest portion of town is enclosed in the walls of a fort built by the French in the 1600s. The skiing at Mont Sainte Anne is pretty decent for the East Coast, and you should definitely try the Nordic Spa just outside of the resort, where you sit in a sauna for 15 minutes before being plunged into near-freezing water. Shocking, indeed.
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