Aerial view of Toronto, Ontario (Stockbyte)

Toronto skyline, Ontario, Canada (iStockphoto)

Toronto, Canada skyline (Hemera)

Skyline of Toronto, Canada (Design Pics)


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Alistair rates Toronto
I thought Toronto looked a little rundown and frayed when I first visited, though it seems to be a city of multiple parts rather than someplace with an identifiable center (the towering CN Tower, notwithstanding). I enjoyed visiting the Distillery District, a revitalized area of red-brick grain warehouses that now house coffeeshops, artists' studios, and hipster bars. Talking of booze, the Steam Whistle Brewery is fun for a tour (do that instead of wasting your money going up the CN Tower). Kensington Market up toward the university is a fun place to browse and stroll, as is the big indoor market at St. Lawrence Market. The nearby Hothouse Cafe does a pretty good jazz brunch that'll fill you up before you go explore. In the summer, I'd recommend a sailing trip out to the Toronto Islands or renting a bike to cruise the waterfront trails.
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Fat Paddler rates Toronto
I love to visit Toronto, although prefer the summer months than the freezing cold winter ones! Canadians are a great welcoming people and the city is vibrant and fun. Bars are loud and restaurants packed, so you can always get a good night out there (and you have to try poutine at some point!). There's plenty of paddling here if you like getting out on the water, but a long walk through the city through downtown and the university areas is really interesting as well. Of course, Canadians are all sports mad so if hockey is your thing, get out and watch a game (either at a stadium or from a sports bar - both are awesome!).
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