Camping Baja's Best Beaches

Baja Sur: Pacific Coast
By Fred Jones & Gloria Jones
sunset on playa los cerritos
Sunset on Playa Los Cerritos

Loma Maria to Todos Santos
This is as straight as a coastline can get, with very few projections or points and no shelter for boats — just one long stretch of beach. There are few tourists on these beaches; surfers and windsurfers favor Punta Conejo. Adventurers in four-wheel-drive vehicles might find the pristine beaches exciting to explore. It's always wise for four-wheelers to travel in groups in remote areas in case of mechanical breakdown.

Where it's at: The beach is located south of the Bahma Magdalena complex and north of Todos Santos. A rough dirt road approaches the coast from about 17 miles south of Santa Rita on Highway 1 (about 51 miles south of Ciudad Constitucisn), then runs south along the coast to Todos Santos. The beaches extend for some 110 miles. Punta Conejo can be reached more directly via a 12-mile, fair dirt road that exits Highway 1 at Kilometer 80 (about 13 miles south of El Cien and 68 miles south of Ciudad Constitucisn). Other rough dirt roads leave Highway 1 for coastal ranches 29, 40, and 41 miles south of El Cien.

Playa San Pedro
A popular surfing spot, this beautiful sand beach extends about 0.3 miles between two rocky points and is backed by a large palm grove. It is perfect for tent campers who can haul in their gear on motorcycles or ATVs. Many guidebooks and maps list this as Playa San Pedrito, but locals stoutly maintain it was always known as Playa San Pedro.

Where it's at: The beach is located south of Todos Santos. The turnoff from Highway 19 is 4.4 miles south of the southern outskirts of Todos Santos, just before the signs and entrance road to San Pedrito RV Park. However, the road is currently closed to vehicular traffic, though motorcycles and ATVs can make it. After the turnoff, it's 1.5 miles to the beach.

Pescadero Beach
This little-known beach is covered with a blanket of soft sand and is a favorite destination for surfers. Except for the northern reaches, it is remote, offering seclusion to those who make the effort to get there. The beach slopes rather steeply, creating an undertow that can be dangerous to inexperienced swimmers. Winter is the best time to come, as summer is hot.

Where it's at: The beach is located south of Todos Santos, extending about four miles between Punta San Pedro south to Punta Pescadero. San Pedrito RV Park is at the north end. It's best to ask for directions in Pescadero on how to get through the fields.

Los Cerritos
This wide beach curves westward, exposing an unbroken five-mile sweep to clear view from Los Cerritos RV Park (campground 20) and Playa Los Cerritos (campground 21) at the north end. Walking on the soft white sand is pure joy.

Where it's at: The beach is located south of Todos Santos. The beach extends about five miles between Puntas Pescadero and Gaspareqo.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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