Top Ten Canoe, Kayak, and Raft Camping Trips

A Peaceable Bay: Baja California

Kayakers flock to the Baja Peninsula, particularly the Sea of Cortés. This is a destination that has it all: mostly calm waters, eventful shoreline, lively wildlife. The region is especially noted for the number and variety of whales and porpoises that swim these waters. The Sea of Cortés hosts 600 species of fish, which in turn provide sustenance to a wide variety of seabirds. With 2,000 miles of coastline, the peninsula has been able to graciously accommodate its popularity.

You'll definitely want to spend some time out of the boat hiking into the peninsula's desert interior or snorkeling for an underwater view. The region has many interesting communities for when you get tired of unadulterated nature. Best time to go is October through May, so plan on trouncing those winter blahs this year.

Just the Facts

Suitable craft: Sea kayak

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