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Quiet Waters Park

The single-track loop inside this popular Broward County park was designed and built months before it was officially recognized by park officials in September 1996. As a result, the pirate rides on this technical loop of 5.5 miles created a reputation too good for area bikers to resist.

I was warned by park management that the trail's difficulty had already caused its share of crack-ups-breaking bones and laying open shins. After talking with Dan Edgar at the West Broward Cycle Center, who informed me in detail of the trail's status, I learned that due to a bureaucratic slowdown, the trail's construction had not been completed, which explained the large number of highly technical maneuvers required to ride this trail safely.

Now that the trail is officially recognized and maintained, however, the surface has been brought up to the standards recommended by the International Mountain Bike Association. Although the waters inside this small park may be quiet, you won't be when you finish riding this single-track. And while you're at it, pick up the phone and give the fun folks at ClubMud (and Quiet Waters Park) a call to thank them for persisting in the face of a bureaucratic stonewall.

Finding the trail: Exit Interstate 95 onto Hillsboro Boulevard headed west. Turn left onto Power Line Road and look for the park's entrance on your right. After paying the entrance fee and picking up the map, turn right at the dead end shortly after entering. Park in the lot on the left near the ski course and pick up the paved bike path, which runs along the southern shore of the ski course.

Notes on the trail: Pick up the paved bike path inside the park and ride it between some of the not-so-quiet waters of the cable-skiing area at Ski-Rixen. Continue riding it toward the boat rentals, looking for the gate behind which the double-track leads to the single-track sections. The single-track is well worn, and the existing area for the trail inside the park is not too spread out, making it easy to stay found (as opposed to lost). The last section of single-track (providing you ride it counterclockwise) becomes very narrow as it goes between the fence (Sawgrass Expressway is the highway you see) and a drop-off. You will probably want to return the way you came after reaching Splash Adventure, the water amusement park, but begin another counterclockwise lap by riding the paved path back through the cable-ski area.

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