Tent Camping Heaven

5 of West Virginia's best campgrounds for the non-RV set.
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I don't mean to stir up a Hatfield and McCoy-style feud, but why is it we tent campers always seem to get slighted at campgrounds? I mean, RVers get plenty of nice big sites convenient to all of the facilities, while tent campers get the redheaded-stepchild treatment with a few minuscule sites stuck at the end of a service road half a mile walk from the restrooms.

Not that we mind a little separation; it's kind of hard to commune with nature when the 50-foot yacht in the next site whizzes and hums as old Uncle Fred adjusts the satellite dish.

Tent campers, your days of deliverance are here. Up in the Allegheny Highlands of West Virgina, smack-dab in the middle of God's country, where the air is clear, the rivers fast, and summer nights are blessedly cool, you'll find five campgrounds with your interests at heart. Good-size sites, elbow room between campers, and dare we say it, peace and quiet can be found at these high mountain hideaways. Great scenery and plentiful hiking and mountain biking trails are icing on the cake.

Frequent GORP contributor Johnny Molloy rates these and other Mountain State campgrounds in his latest release, The Best In Tent Camping West Virginia: A Guide for Car Campers Who Hate RV's, Concrete Slabs and Loud Portable Stereos. Watch where you leave your copy of this book, lest the kindly RVers withdraw those sympathetic invites to spend a rainy day inside their dry house-on-wheels.



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