Camping Baja's Best Beaches

Baja Sur: Peninsula's Tip
By Fred Jones & Gloria Jones
San Josi del Cabo beach
San Josi del Cabo Coastline

Punta Gaspareqo and Land's End
The long, 33-mile stretch between Punta Gaspareqo and Land's End is essentially one immense, unbroken beach. It's wide and backed by dunes, with soft white sand offering great opportunities for seclusion to those who are willing to hike. The slope is rather steep, and the surf pounds here, creating undertows that pose serious threat to inexperienced swimmers. Still, surfers like riding the waves off the points on this coastline.

Where it's at: Development by private landowners along Highway 19 is forcing the closure of some access roads. There probably will always be some way in, though, since the Zona Federale (up to the high tide mark all around Mexico) is dedicated to the public. Access the beaches at Playa Las Cabrillas or from several four-wheel-drive roads off Highway 19. To reach Migriqo Beach, drive 27 miles south of Todos Santos or 16 miles north of Cabo San Lucas on Highway 19 to Kilometer 97, then follow the rough road in (suitable for small vehicles).

Cape Area Day-Use Beaches
One of the best things about coming to the Cape is being able to loll about on these beaches soaking up the sun's rays and splashing around in the surf. People camping in this region find these day-use beaches delightful to visit, though they can become quite congested. Sadly, they are falling prey to development one by one, so you may find access to certain beaches restricted. Enjoy them while you can.

Where it's at: The beaches are located between San Josi del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. You can access several beaches off Highway 1. Routes are designated by road signs.

Punta Arena to San Josi del Cabo
Surfing is the main activity along this stretch of coast, and there are plenty of places to go. However, only small, maneuverable vehicles can make the drive safely. Choice campsites on this long string of magnificent beaches are inaccessible to larger highway vehicles because of dangerous road conditions. Side roads leading to beaches are packed wheel tracks in sand. A paved road on a new alignment is being built south of La Ribera. It will ultimately go down the coast to San Josi del Cabo. Coming into La Ribera from Highway 1, this road veers south before town. Obviously, whatever realignment the new paved road takes will alter the log given above, but at least you will have something to go by as this remote coast opens up.

Where it's at: To get to La Ribera, exit Highway 1 on a paved road that begins approximately 12 miles south of Los Barriles and drive about seven miles east. Los Frailes is about 22 miles south of La Ribera. The beaches extend for some 33 miles south of Los Frailes. Below is a log of accessible beaches, with mile marks starting from Los Frailes:

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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